Garden City Group appoints executive management team

In January, Crawford unveiled its new executive management team at Garden City Group (GCG). The new leadership sees Kenneth Cutshaw take the helm of the market-leading legal administration firm as interim chief executive officer.

Cutshaw is a strong fit for the role, having excelled in a wide spectrum of work and leadership environments, including C-suite level business management, law partnerships, academic institutes, entrepreneurial ventures, government management, political management and foreign policy. In addition, he joins Crawford’s global executive management team, reporting to Crawford interim president and CEO Harsha V. Agadi.

Highlighting his industry caliber and vast experience, Agadi said: “With Ken and the other dynamic executive management team partners at the helm, we are well positioned to not only continue to deliver the notable superior service and efficiency to our clients but to take GCG to the next level.”

The additional executive management team members include new executive vice president and chief operating officer, Stephen J. Cirami. Formerly GCG’s senior vice president of operations and a former class action attorney, Cirami is a nationally-renowned expert on all aspects of class action notice and administration and has been with the group for more than 12 years. In addition, Scott D. Nader has been appointed executive vice president and general counsel for GCG. Nader previously served as the chief counsel for the former Crawford Americas segment, and has more than 19 years’ experience advising and leading organizations in various sectors.


April 2016