Interview: Lynn Cufley, Communications Director, EMEA-Asia Pac and Sue Hale, International Marketing Manager

Finger on the pulse of the risk community

Crawford launches On the FrontLine to offer a unique perspective on risk management

On 1 October, Crawford launched its global thought leadership magazine, On the FrontLine. Lynn Cufley, marketing and communications director, EMEA/AP and Sue Hale, International Marketing Manager, EMEA/AP at Crawford explain the purpose of the magazine.

Tell me a bit about On The FrontLine, the intended audience, the tone of the content and what you hope it will achieve?

We felt we needed to differentiate Crawford by delivering the right message, at the right time to the right people. The world is becoming saturated with information and content and we knew that we needed to produce thought-provoking content that delivers real business value and engages with our clients globally.

On the FrontLine shares our extensive “frontline” expertise on key strategic issues and delivers real diversity of content. Our goal is to build an audience and foster trust with clients so that we are seen as true partners.

Our people have some great stories to tell and we wanted to give them a voice. We hope that On the FrontLine will reflect their achievements and engender a sense of belonging and corporate pride.

There are a number of risk management and customer magazines available from other organizations. How is On the FrontLine different?

On the FrontLine is the only publication that draws on the adjusting and claims management expertise that Crawford has gained from being “on the frontline”.

The expertise that we have gained from handling complex claims around the world and helping people and businesses get back on their feet gives us a unique insight in how to learn from events and build resilience.

The news stories and features in On the FrontLine include interviews with a wide variety of experts, from many different industry sectors, as well as Crawford experts.

Why is this important?

We wanted to provide technical and quality content in engaging ways and we meet so many talented people throughout the risk management community, Lloyd’s and London Market and global insurance sector that it was an easy decision to include the views of these experts in the publication.

If we are to achieve our goal of delivering technical and quality content focused on global claims management and business news around the world then we had to include comments from the very people in the industry. We felt it was important to reflect industry concerns and solutions so we could all learn from each other.



October 2015