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A tale of three earthquakes

Three countries, three earthquakes, three unique loss adjusting challenges. Paul Ogni, Javier Carvallp and Peter Ziegler give their firsthand accounts of dealing with earthquakes in Italy, Chile and New Zealand > more

How marine became a catastrophe class of business

With two $3 Billion losses under its belt, the marine and cargo insurance industry has awoken to the real potential of major catastrophe losses. The challenge for an industry dealing with multiple pressures is how to measure, manage and price for these growing pressures > more

InsurTech: Embracing the disruptive age

The risk and Insurance industry is on the cusp of significant technological change. Crawford’s newly appointed global chief operating officer, Andrew Robinson, outlines three broad trends to watch out for in the rapidly expanding InsurTech arena > more

A global mindset

Francisco Garcia and Kirsten Early explain why some short-term pain is worth the longer-term gain when it comes to putting together a global TPA program > more

After the “Beast”

Pat Van Bakel, President and CEO of Crawford & Company®, Canada explains why the devastating wildfires in Fort McMurray in May 2016 were a game changer from a hazard and industry loss perspective > more

Against a turning tide

Major events so far in 2016 suggest the tide could be turning after five years of relatively benign global natural catastrophe losses. On the FrontLine considers some of the implications from a risk, insurance and claims perspective > more

Making the difference

Three months into his new role at Broadspire UK, Managing Director Ian Sutcliffe discussed changing market dynamics > more

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