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On the FrontLine is a global thought leadership magazine published by Crawford & Company, the world’s largest independent provider of claims management solutions. Read by corporate directors, risk managers, re/ insurers, brokers, captive owners and other stakeholders.

On the Frontline: What’s in a name?

As a leading global provider of claims services and third-party administration, Crawford is On the Frontline in witnessing the fallout from major global business hazards. Our expertise in handling complex claims and helping our clients get back on their feet gives us a unique insight into these risks, how they are evolving and how businesses can build greater resilience to better withstand them.

The world is becoming a smaller and riskier place where the impact from floods in Thailand ripples through global supply chains. Where the collapse of the U.S. subprime market causes a global financial catastrophe and economic stagnation in the West. Where global pandemics can spread rapidly across borders and continents and where acts of war are increasingly carried out online.

Whether it is cyber attack, natural catastrophe, financial crisis, industrial accident or any other hazard impacting businesses today, Crawford has the 360 degree view. On the FrontLine is relevant, taking the issues that keep the c-suite awake at night and offering a new angle, tapping into our internal intelligence and complemented with external insight from an impressive line-up of risk experts from around the world.

Editorial Board

ON THE FRONTLINE is championed at senior level and has a distinguished panel of Crawford’s global experts as part of its editorial board.

Pat Van Bakel

President, Canada

Andrew Bart

Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific

Benedict Burke

Chief Client Officer, Global Markets

Kenneth Fraser

Global Chief Client Officer

Mike Jones

President, Europe

Neil Lentine

U.S. President, Broadspire

Danielle Lisenbey

Global President, TPA Solutions: Broadspire

Clive Nicholls

Chief Executive Officer, UK & Ireland

Kieran Rigby

Global President, Claims Solutions

Larry Thomas

Global President, Specialty Solutions

Hilton Sturisky

Global Chief Information Officer

Rohit Verma

Global Chief Operating Officer

Editorial Team

Lynn Cufley

Marketing & Communications Director, International

Sue Hale

Marketing Manager, International

Suzanne Hirst

Publisher, OTF, Director, Zebra Media

Helen Yates

Editor, OTF, Director, Zebra Media

Nigel Allen

Contributor, OTF, Director, Zebra Media